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Floor Sanding

Hello I’m James from Melbourne Wood Finishing. We are a completely dustless operation for floor sanding, kitchen worktops, tables and many other items.


(An engineered oak floor with a 2mm veneer that needed to look brand new again, 25sqm done in 1 day)
(A vintage floor that needed to be brought back to life without any loss of character)


We treat floors delicately like very large tabletops and since going dustless we no longer use any big heavy machinery, yes a proper hands and knees job 99% of the time and no mess!

We can transform nearly any type of floor from the most rustic and battered pine & old parquet floors to even the modern “engineered” floors that literally have only a couple of millimeters of veneer. Generally these have gone yellow/orange over the years and we get back to the bare wood and can even leave it protected but with a modern “just sanded” look.

One of the most important but overlooked points is that the 100% non-toxic water based topcoat we use on most floors dries at an incredible rate meaning you can walk on it in socks within 1 hour and furniture can go back after 6 hours. Most of our clients are astonished by how non-invasive we are and how soon they can get back to their normal lives.

The majority of the finishes we use, Bona Traffic HD or Manns Extra Tough Pro floor varnish are a relatively new product in terms of technology and chemistry but if they can last in airports and schools for years, it is probably overkill for domestic properties but they are the best products out there so we see no point in using anything inferior. One test we found out that made us choose these products was that you can leave a splatter of chicken tikka masala on it for a week, and it just wipes away with no staining or change to the finish, remarkable!



Our prices are generally as follows:

Floor Sanding (No Finish) – £25 per square metre
Floor Sanding with Bona Traffic HD varnish (Airport Grade) finish – £35 per square metre
Floor Sanding with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil finish – £36 per square metre
Floor Sanding & Staining with either of the above finishes – £40 per square metre
Engineered floor sanding focused on “Yellow/ Orange Removal” and a “Just Sanded look” – £37 per square metre

  • Floor Sanding and refinishing
  • Kitchen Worktop Renovation
  • LVT, Karndean, Amtico, Lino & Vinyl floor refreshing
  • Parquet Floor Restoration
  • Solid “live edge table tops”
  • Epoxy Resin “River Tables”
  • Tables, Cabinets & Dresser refurbishment
  • Garden Furniture sanding & retreating
  • Decking overhauls

Important Note March 2023.
The best way for us to assess your requirements and provide an accurate quote is to send images and measurements directly via WhatsApp to 07730 554099
I will contact you in the evening of the same or next day with a quote and then organise a test patch relatively quickly although our current lead time is approximately up to 2 weeks for starting the works.

Floor, Kitchen Worktop & Table Sanding

We pride ourselves on treating 99% of floors like very large tabletops. In our opinion most old floors and even new engineered wood floors are treated quite barbarically with the big drum sanders which while eventually creating a uniform surface are indiscriminate and take away far too much of the wood and even the character with them. Old floorboards are by and large warped, split and aged and need to be treated board by board to preserve their character. Newer engineered flooring that may only have a few mm of solid wood on the surface can still be sanded back to remove the the top coat and any stain to leave a bare natural wood ready for refinishing with only a fraction of a mm of wood removal.

Many of our customers have a floor that is only 10 years old but the colour is now not fitting with more modern, lighter furniture & decor. Combine this with our dustless sanding operation and we can transform a room in just 1 day with no contamination in the rest of the house & no messy cleanup.

Here are some examples of the sanders we generally use which we hope will convince you not to be afraid to get in touch with us for a free quote.

The Mirka DEROS

Up close and personal! – These we use for nearly everything. The bulk of the sanding and all the edges. Leaving a swirl and scratch free finish while being able to pick out any small details

Corner Sander

For all the hard to reach bits

Bosch Professional ROS

For the ultimate in swirl free sanding to leave a flawless finish


Case Studies


Originally a dark stained 9mm thick solid oak floor on top of underfloor heating causing a lot of warping. A drum sander would have torn this apart but it was sanded back to bare wood precisely and refinished with Liberon natural finish floor varnish to retain the “just sanded” look. 60 square metres taking approximately 3 days start to finish



Another dark stained floor, this time, old pine and again sanded back with precision board by board to keep the original patina. 17 square metres completed in 1 and a half days


This engineered floor installed over 10 years ago had taken a bettering but with careful sanding, returned to an almost “as new condition” – Finished with Fiddes hard wax oil. 18 square metres completed in 1 and a half days

In my experience, 90% of domestic floors do not require heavy machinery just care and attention to detail to reveal the natural beauty of the wood.
Bespoke Resin River Tables

We now also make bespoke tabletops and serving boards from resin and wood, creating anything from a small serving board to a dining table – Sourcing the wood and crafting to your needs. With or without resin you can be assured of a truly stunning finished piece.

Case Studies


A 4ft x 3ft coffee table with pippy oak, blue transparent resin & a silver metallic base, prices for work like this circa £500


A 4ft x 3ft coffee table with solid 3″ ash, blue transparent resin & a silver metallic base, prices for work like this circa £800 (15 litres of resin used on this one)

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