Floor Sanding Gallery

Oak floor sanding today, Kingston on Soar – THE UNYELLOWING

This floor had gone particularly yellow with a combination of both sunlight and an old varnish. We first had to sand the floor very aggressively to remove the old varnish which only had a partial effect and the 2 further sands to remove the yellow surface of the wood, the result, after using a water based clear varnish achieved the desired “Just Sanded” look

Here are some examples of the sanders we generally use which we hope will convince you not to be afraid to get in touch with us for a free quote.

The Mirka DEROS

Up close and personal! – These we use for nearly everything. The bulk of the sanding and all the edges. Leaving a swirl and scratch free finish while being able to pick out any small details

Corner Sander

For all the hard to reach bits

Bosch Professional ROS

For the ultimate in swirl free sanding to leave a flawless finish